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Order structural steel beams from Eagle National Steel in Dallas, TX


When your Dallas area construction project requires various sized cuts of steel beams, make the call to Eagle National Steel. Your business puts care and hard work into every project so it's crucial to use a steel provider that stocks and ships only the highest quality structural steel beams. We offer both S Beams and Wide Flange or "H" Beams in order to cover a variety of applications. When you're ready to place your order for Dallas area steel structural beams, we're ready to serve you at Eagle National Steel.

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S Beams

Thanks to their tapered flanges, S Beams can be relied on for higher strength support than wide flanged beams, depending on the application. We consider possible uses to be home and building construction, hoists, lifts, etc. but as the builder, you know best. Regardless of the size and bundle quantity your job requires, we're willing and able to work with you and your firm. To order online, simply select from our list of pre-cut beams. Or, give us a call and we'll work with you over the phone.

Wide Flange Beams

Like S Beams, Wide Flange Beams are designed to fit various needs. These applications include platforms, truck bed framing, machine bases, and much more. Contact us today with any questions surrounding bundle sizes, pricing by the truckload, and any other inquiries.

For the contractor, builder, or enterprising individual, Eagle National Steel is here to provide the high-quality structural steel beams in Dallas, TX you need to get the job done, whatever the project may entail. How do we accomplish this? With our two locations, one in Hutchins at 540 Skyline Drive, Hutchins, TX 75141 and one in Greenville at 2569 Interstate Highway 30 W, Greenville, TX 75402, we are well situated to satisfy the construction needs of the Dallas Fort Worth area. Whether you decide to visit one of our convenient structural steel showrooms to place your order or to make an order from our online shop inventory of beams, steel pieces, piping, and other construction accessories, we'll complete and ship your order correctly and in a timely fashion. Contact us online today or by phone at 1-800-214-3245.

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